Monday, January 30, 2006

Oh Shit... Canada made me FAT

Back from Canada, first words that came out from my colleague’s mouth as I strolled back into the office: “You fat already….. (in Thai)”….

Blame it on the cold. Like how bears gobble salmons to store blubber for keeping themselves warm during winter, my subconscious mind did that to me over in Canada. I feasted on burgers, lots and lots of juicy burgers. This is temporary…. extra blubber on waist is not permanent body fixture. This is transitory stage…. I must not be fat…. I must not be fat…. Burn me waist down oh hot Bangkok sun.


Ling said...

i was thinking.. if i went to china, maybe the cold could burn off my excess fats if i eat less. you know it makes sense.

Jewie said...

China is a land of oily food.... u will bloat. kekekekek.