Monday, January 23, 2006

Drving Along – Canada

I, me… designated driver for the past three days. Why? Becoz can read English. Thai colleagues are my navigators…. DISASTER!....

Navigator: Strange.
Me: ?
Navigator: Strange there. … Strange Strange.
Me: ??? What? Where got strange things?
Navigator: Go strange.
Me: You meant straight?
Navigator: Yes.

Navigator: Last time see mountain mai? (mai = or not)
Me: (initial blank then…) Err… I never come Canada before, never see.
Navigator: (blank face, then point to the back of road)…. There we pass.
Me: U mean just now I see mountain or not?
Navigator: Yes.

Navigator: 28 kilo leg lwee.
Me: (brain shutdown… then restart, car on auto pilot)… What???
Navigator: leg lwee…leg lwee… cold have a ice.
Me: Lake Louis?
Navigator: Yes.

I've been drivin and drivin …. Lotsa fun… but 80% of the time… my brain hangs from error in processing navigator instructions. All the destinations… they make it sound so Japanese…

Here are the Canada pictures. Look under Canada.
And the sunflower pictures in previous blog are up. Look under Saraburi here.

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footprint said...

The sunflowers real nice~!
wat cam u usin now? power le. heeee. =)