Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Canada… Hamburgers so Yummy


Ok some short free time in Canada for bloggin.

We, me and my 2 Thai colleges, had our first Canadian meal when we arrived on Saturday, A&W. Why… coz we dunno where to eat and hungry like F. Hamburgers…. First bite… the aroma of the beef… I can only say.... Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Hamburgers… they taste different in different countries.. and who would expected A&W to taste so good. Rankings… A&W Singapore: 4/10, service too slow, run by minas with bo chap attitude, burgers are small like those in Thailand. A&W Thailand: 3/10: can finish burger in 2 bites, so weak and flat, beef so lousy and dry and it takes you forever to tell the cashiers what u wanna eat. All they say is yes or nod their heads without having any idea what you are talking about. Then their brains shutdown (you can tell from their eyes and blank face) and you have to repeat all over again. A&W Canada: 10/10, served by strange immigrants with strange assent, fast service, burgers so big and juicy, grilled to perfection. Mmmmmmmmm. Expensive though.

Now… just had my bath a while ago. Soaked myself a good 30 minutes in hot bath tub. 3 men, staying in one room. Toilet = filthy. 3 men using one toilet and u can see lots of curly hair on the floor. I am always the last to take my shower, so it is definitely not me that is shedding. I’ve notice this shedding for 3 days straight. What’s with all these curly pubic discards? Thai people not used to freezing cold so they are shedding their summer genitalia fur for new winter coating? (I see animals do this on Animal Planet) Dunno…. But I guess to find out… when I get back to Bangkok, I have to place my girlfriends CB in front of full blast air-conditioning for one hour straight to see if she starts shedding…. That will definitely be a challenging feat.

Gotta try to sleep… its 1:13 am now… still having a jet lag. Its 3:15 in Bangkok… Goodnite dudes.

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