Friday, January 28, 2005

Kan paur big CB - fugging lousy nite!

Yesterday at project site, decided to come back Bangkok instead of sleeping over there. Started the journey back at 1am. Only to find us in a stand still jam at 2am in the middle of no where. Stuck there for one bloody hour. Got out the car and walk 100 meters ahead to find 2 huge lorrys, 2 vans and one pick up all messed up real bad.

The driver of the van was trapped under the steering wheel, dunno how he ended down there. And there were these two passengers still stuck behind. Nambleh.. all becoz some one accidentally drop what looks like lumber on the road and all hell broke loose. CB... the mess blocked the entire 3 lanes so all traffic a standstill. They were also transporting the injured behind pickups to hospital... not by ambulance. Drama...


Then finally... reach office at fourish. Kan puar tua CB..!! i told them i did be coming back to sleep over in office and to prepare by firggin bed. No one did and i got no idea where they put the matteress. See photo. My bed = one pillow + 3 square foam.


Never slept properly.. now all aching... eyes looks like lum par chi now.. friggin hell! C B ! fug fug fug fug!.... ARgghhhhhh !!!!

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