Friday, March 14, 2014

Sex of the Elephant Kingdom

Wahhhh... soooo long.... .
It's incredible what they report on Thai news channel sometimes. Here on nation news, they show the long dong of an elephant penetrating the female beast. If you happen to have a young daughter who just happen to be watching, how are you to answer "does daddy poke mummy like this also"? How are you suppose to wipe this impression burned permanently into your young daughter's memory? Electrocution to reset her memory maybe? There was this recent chapter where the fame panda in Chiangmai was pregnant and that too was a national event they deem worth reporting - EVERYDAY. They even have a 24x7 channel dedicated on cable to show every move of the panda, which includes ungracious acts of panda licking her genitalia. But you wouldn't believe what bizarre information they report on daily morning news - every type of juice that was flowing out panda's vagina.

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