Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Erasable Ink - New in Thailand

Amazing to Thais
Among the giggling girls they were yakking about something new, something exciting. A pen with erasable ink. How so very fascinating this invention of mankind it almost seem magical to them. What the??? 30 years ago Erasermate was released in Singapore. As boys in school, we attempted to use this to cheat in test, changing our wrong selection in multiple choice questions after our test had been marked by teachers. We went up to the teacher with as innocent a look as possible and went "teacher, you mark wrong, please correct my mark". What followed was serious spanking followed by tears, and in some cases a visit by parents to the school... followed by more spanking back at home... and then more tears. Eventually, like all good things in Singapore, it was banned in schools. But hey, its new here, technology arriving 30 years later.

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