Saturday, March 01, 2014

Eating by Bangkok Shores

Dining over Water
Yes, there is a shore somewhere in Bangkok. But if you swim there, you be engulfed in mud and weeds. Mudskippers will swim into your shorts and suckle you where no fish had ever suckled. Don't expect white sandy beach and surfs, after all, Bangkok is built on where the river delta is. Eating out, tired of glittery restaurant in crowded malls or those pub and restaurants where your eyes feast on the cheer-beers more than your mouth on food? Then head to Bang Khun Thian. It's a short drive from town and left on Rama II. It used to be gravel roads 8 years ago that flooded often, but now, development had caught on and the roads are paved. It is an area laden with country styled restaurants built on stilts over water. Too many to choose from and I had been there many times over weekends when I wanted something different. It's also an area where cheap life seafood can be brought home for cooking.

The Ride
The most interesting of restaurants was Bangkok Seaview. I did blog about this under another entry some 8 years ago called Stress in Bangkok. We revisited it again and nothing had changed much. More people seemed to have got to know this restaurant because we saw China tourist yakking in sharp tones and heavy Farangs slow and easy. It was December we were there this round and the winter air chilled our food fast. Nothing had changed much. Still it is a average restaurant with interesting setting serving out bad food at inflated prices. However the experience was worth it. The boat ride now included bringing us out into the sea making a u-turn at a concrete marker that marks the southernmost edge of Bangkok. But not to worry if this is not what you are after because there are just so many other restaurants to choose from over there. Try and try again till the best is found.

Our Scheduled Ride
Ample Parking
That;s how much it Cost
Within Bangkok Seaview
Pricy for a Rural Restaurant
Sitting Low

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