Friday, February 21, 2014

Thai Credit Cards and Foreigners

Free Free!!!!
It's next to impossible to get a credit card here unless you are one of those lucky expats earning big bucks. Currently from my knowledge, Siam Commercial Bank approves only when your pays scale is above 100k per month. What do they think we all are? But that's just the way it is, we are unwillingly typecast as big income earners. Expats will have more luck with Kasikorn, the last time I spoke to a banker just a week ago, he told me 50k. How about Citibank? I was rejected so many times even though I had the same card from my home country in which my credit limit is the pay scales of CEO's here. Whatever it is, get one if you can.
One of the benefits of us expats spending using our Thai cards is, I got 8000 Baht of cash vouchers in which I brought things I usually will not buy. It was in the current Home Works Expo at Bitec. On overseas assignment, we can accumulate ridiculous amount of rewards points and it is a darn good thing. For Kasikorn, 1 point is earned for every 25 Baht spent. From time to time, we can convert these into cash coupons. Normally it will be 1000 points for a voucher that is 100 Bath in value. That ain't worth it. Wait it out. Eyes sharp, I had done 1000 points for 200 Baht, that which I got a branded watch at less than half its price after topping up. I had also got a darn Electrolux Cremapresso machine going for 8000 Baht or so for free, it breaks down every 3 months. I've got 2 Motorola Wireless telephones free too. Currently they are underutilized and sitting in my store because the phone lines to my house is still not laid.

These good rates do not come often and I had not seen them in ages. In Home Works Expo, a good exchange of 1200 points for 200 Baht was spotted and I jumped at it. And so, the Black and Decker car polishing power tool was mine for just 27 Baht, and a 6000 over Baht satin bed sheet I topped with only 50. The casher was not happy as she had to punch in the voucher numbers one by one into the system. I could feel the aura of curses emitting from behind the counter. Never mind that. I can experience satin and sleep in peace, the energy restored from a good sleep will be use to shine my car.


Bestof2Worlds said...

Hopefully the polishing tool will not end up in the store sleeping on your satin sheets.

Jewie said...

Well so far you have been right... for the first week. Let's see how long more Black and Decker will remain in the store. Time seems to be so limited. There are so many things to be done in one short day.. . :)