Friday, February 14, 2014

Snapper's Fish and Chips at Sukhumvit Soi 11

This is it, I found my love. I am a Fish and Chips kind of person and I love fish. I have been deprived of good Fish and Chips ever since the day I moved here. Bangkok is full of deceitful western eateries that cooks out horrendous dishes. Most Fish and Chips here are over fried stingy pieces of cheap watery dory that simply disintegrate upon chewing. They do not hold that bouncy tender texture where a good fish should have. And the chips are equally stingy in portions, I normally can count the number of chips easily with all my fingers. And then I found Snapper.

Somewhere on Soi 11, not too far a walk from the main Sukumvit, the best Fish and Chips I had in ages. The prices are so reasonable for the variety of imported fish to choose from. Calamari in generous portions separately ordered, the bowl of onion rings I should not have summon because it's really too large an amount for my stomach. Bisque, so thick and full, and the batter on them fish the right way done. A hot tea to end the meal chosen from an assortment of tea presented in a wooden Harney and Sons box. It seems all good western food can only be found down town. It was worth the trip from my suburban house.

Good Tea
Good Food

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