Monday, February 10, 2014

Another Big River Prawns Restaurant

Sitting by Chao Paya
Bangkok and her surroundings, never short of places to explore and fancy places to eat. A good drive into Phatum Thani and there we found yet another exquisite place for lunch. How we found this place was because we suddenly had a craving for prawns. So we searched the realm of Thai forums and saw recommendations of several eateries near where we stay. We were yet again pleasantly surprised by what we stumbled upon. This restaurant is called Baan Chid Krung. The crustaceans were rather pricy going for 1400 Baht per kilo so we only had two. They weighted 250g each or thereabouts. You can't compare that to river prawns that sells for 200 Baht per kilo elsewhere because the cheaper ones going wholesale at Ayudhya are of a much smaller size. Though we paid hefty for the meal, the setting itself was just worth it. The Fried Rice with Prawn Egg was fantastic too. It was winter cool when we were there in January, it was the perfect afternoon as we lunched and watch the barges and anticipated if the jet skis crisscrossing the Chao Paya will crash into them. Thailand, my food paradise, the reason for my increasing waistline.

Sitting Area
They Alley
BBQ Prawns
A Few Good Dishes


Bestof2Worlds said...

River prawns my favorite. Presence of roe too makes it even more delicious and cholesterolific. I have never had such large ones at 250gms - I don't need to ask how it was. The pic says it all.

Jewie said...

Yah... love it too, can slurp the roe off the head like drinking thick soup.... cholesterol LDL increase 200%. ..