Sunday, December 01, 2013

What are Thais Doing in the Midst of Protest?

Well, it's well known all over the world now. With the turn of events yesterday in which an anti government protestor, whom is a student, was shot dead, things are getting from bad to worst. This marks the end of peaceful and cheerful protest. Smiles had definitely be wiped off faces and anger is the rising sentiments taking over. Violence erupted between university students and red shirts who were stirring up trouble where Ramkhamhaeng University is located. More rural red shirts engaged are streaming in from provinces, strength of anti government protestors remains strong and growing in Bangkok. More protestors invaded government offices (government officials within actually carried big welcome signs). What are we coming to?

So amidst all this, what is really happening with our everyday lives? Well, we still work for sure. But we are told to avoid protest sites, and if we do attend, do not wear company shirts. Office may end up burnt to the ground if company names are identified. Thais are rather fond of burning things.

Party mood of the people will never be doused among news of shooting and explosions going on. I was at a great new pub and restaurant on Rama 5 called Three Days Two Nights yesterday and it was filled to the brim. The illegal parking along the road spoke for itself. We ate, drank and partied. Food was great but required a bit of lengthily waiting. So in between moments of eating, we watched live soccer match on the big screens, not live Bluesky channel where protest ongoing are broadcasted. For those not interested in soccer, we stared at the line between shorts and white thighs of the numerous attractive "pretty" doubling up as waitress. This is one good reason why this restaurant is so popular.

Look, although people may be divided here, but we all (ok guys only) have a common interest that will halt us in our tracks of whatever political driven actions we are about to embarked - coyotes. What if, as violence is about to erupt somewhere, the police suddenly release a large flock of bikini clad coyotes gathered from the entire Thailand? Firstly, the angry crowd will be diluted (we really have many many many coyotes here in Thailand) and then feelings will turn from that of aggression to immediate erection. Ask the leaders to step aside with their babbling and channel LMFAO over the air. Then whichever side you are, everyone will suddenly be throwing away their weapons and be busy grappling boobs and doing LMFAO!!! And we all live happily ever after.

Name of Restaurant in Thai
Parking Overflowed to the Road

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