Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cold Spell 2013 in Thailand

Enjoying my Morning Tea
This year end, Thailand is now experiencing one of her best hidden weather system mother nature has to offer. It has been a long time since we experienced prolonged cool winter months for several years now. For the past many years, we could only mark out a few calendar days where in December and January, it was cool. But not this year of 2013. Ever since the end of Nov, the cooling phenomenon had stayed till now. Fantastic outdoor dining experiences, gulping drinks in chilly beer gardens through the night. Warm out in the morning having my hot tea as I blogged away had been truly enjoyable. Gardening in the afternoon when the breeze brought the wind chill was like working in an air conditioned room with thermostat set comfortably right. Especially if it rained the day before, the skies would be a saturated blue contrasting the lighter buildings in the foreground sight. With occasional clouds above so white, the scene is of canvas colors, it resembles the opening prelude of The Simpsons I so like. In the night, the motorcycle taxi drivers congregates around small fires fueled by wood and dry withered leaves. An orange glow wraps the shed, the seasoned faces and their scooters. The shadows casted ever so wobbling behind, this scene unseen for the many years that had passed.
Enjoyng Working Outdoors
Great for strolling abouts where normally one would not, it's time for Chatuchuk shopping where usually hot and sweaty one gets I have not forgot. The anti government protesters are having a great time not needing to break much sweat. Cool weather is great for everything, it makes everyone's mood just that tad lighter and brings about smiles just that bit brighter. Great for outdoor BBQ, great for coffee alfresco. Great for sports such as golf, jogging, badminton, but okay not too good for nipple hardening swim. Great for dragging lazy dogs out for walks, even accidentally stepping on dog shit in the weather is great. I had been sleeping without air conditioner and just my windows opened, it was great. My house late few days had temperatures never exceeding 26 degrees C in the afternoon and the seasonal winds brings it to a good 17 low in the night, I so love it very much. Neighbor's Persian cats kept warm by their fluffy fur coat, my rabbit hops happily mad in the garden in his fancy dress coat. News just this morning, this climatic system will be here to stay till mid January of 2014. Lets see, lets hope it does.

Giant Ladybug in Cool Garden

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