Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Malay Wedding in Bangkok

A Happy Occasions
Just looking at this picture, anyone would have thought I had arrived in Malaysia. I will start to get phone calls from friends for "let's go party" or "let's go eat what you like" and maybe even, "please come to our office, we really need your help". No.... I am not in Malaysia. This was actually in Bangkok, at a mosque, for a wedding I was to celebrate a friend's happy occasion. It was a rather weird experience for me. I am used to hearing Malay conversations where there are congregations of Malays but here, Thai was spoken out aloud clear and muffled all through the crowd. They said Singapore is multi-cultured with the four races (now it has gone more than just four with the flood of foreign talents), but here, Thailand is a land that is of the same too. In fact, the infusion here is even better, all races speak the same language - Thai.

The Open Air Dinner
Mosque in Bangkok
Hey Look, a mini Arabian
And of course, the Happy Couple

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