Thursday, February 18, 2010

That Ledge

See that ledge over there that’s way too high for a ledge? Thought it was to be anti vermin, but hey rats could jump. Thought it was anti reptiles but hey, snakes could climb.

Well, lets say you have one of those cheap one-man-operation nursery full of babies from neighboring houses. Teenage parents leave them kids with you because they have to sell hand phone, tout pirated DVDs or whatsoever at MBK for whole day. Rain come heavy, you have to go upstairs for something. Flash flood begins, the Chaophaya overflowing. Next thing you know when you come down you see all the toddlers floating face down motionless together with cockroaches using them like islands in Maldives accompanied by one or two drowned cats also floating face down.

Found in most low lying houses, it’s to prevent genocides like the above. That’s how high the water goes during heavy rains. Was told the water gets higher every year and ledges like these needs to be raised. The ledge, something that you don’t get to see everyday.

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