Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ohhhh Maaaiii Luuurrvv

While all the old retired folks in Singapore are now working at MacDonald’s or driving the Taxi, old folks here have plenty to occupy themselves with. In the food court, there was a stage. And one by one, old folks went up to sing in solo or in duets. I had only one word to summarize the experience. Reverberation. They sang very unworldly songs from what seems like 60 years ago. Slow, low and their vocals so reverberating. I swear I witnessed my cup of water rippled and my rice on the plate vibrating.

The audience, all of us from young to old, just having our normal lunch. And oddly a paramedic was opposite my table, in case the old clock upstage decided to stop clicking.

They not only sang, the lady in black front of stage was actually dancing, in mysterious wavy hand patterns. Strange… so darn strange, my pork ball stuck in my throat, refused to go down. These peculiar performances, happens several times a month in the food court I have my regular lunches. Their voices.. still ringing in my ears now. The pork ball, still somewhere in my throat.

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