Sunday, December 28, 2008

Do Thais Celebrate Christmas?

Yes they do, in other non religious ways. Christmas is not a public holiday here, but Thais all know Christmas is equal to something party party. So, they will jump at any chance to be merry and the day was just another excuse to drink dance drunk. The place I was brought to before the Coyote-Theque (Discotheque) was worst. It was for ”pump-pump”. Fortunately, we had ladies in our dinner group so the idea was struck off after 5 minutes of staring into the ”fish-tank”.

Thais do practice gift exchanges and such on this day. Normally, these activities will involve a big dinner and two sessions of ”luck draw”. The first round would be to draw for exchanged gifs. And there would be a second draw which is for gifts from the company (if this is a company organized dinner). Of course the many alcohol and render ourselves senseless activities will proceed through out the night will include more then one venue as did the one I went to.

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