Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do Thais Celebrate New Year?

Of course, again in Coyote-Theques and all the karaoke pubs. Who says the economy is bad? Look at all the people splurging their money, then look at them eat salt, plain rice with only fish sauce for the next 25 days till next pay. Most people here are strange. They behave like migratory flocks of birds. During year end, many flock up north to provinces like Chang Mai for the long holiday. Now, that little province had turned into Bangkok 2 - traffic jam big time. So dear readers, don’t plan a holiday over there for New Year. Why not go to southern islands I asked, they want the cold they answered.

Many companies here do not allow employees to carry over private and annual leave over the New Year. So they will have to be cleared during this period. 31st Dec is an official holiday, 2nd Jan is government declared holiday (for what I don’t know, but this was what I heard). Many had taken leave on Monday and Tuesday this week. Some had since been on leave the days leading up to the previous weekend. Total typical holidays = Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun = 9!

So many of them are now either wasted with hangover everyday, stuck in jams up north and most are home with the farm buffalos in their homes out country where they are really suppose to be. Bangkok will be more quiet then usual. My apartment will have more parking places available. Don’t expect your people to work this week, its kinda like ROD mood (Run out Date, a term used in Army when we approach our end of service days) in the office. Since I do not have any leave for being a recent addition in the company, I worked these two days in a partially empty partially operational office where everyone is in a non productive chatty MSN all the time, play computer games, surf porn sites happy holiday mood.

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