Saturday, June 07, 2008

Singapore Songs

Guys…. Check this out. Found an island of dead floating ants in my leftover Cola glass in the morning.

Singapura… oh Singapura, sunny island, set in the sea.
Singapura… oh Singapura, Pretty flowers bloom for you an me….

Singapore, an island of economy. Not much of natural resources and granite had all been mined. Singapore, we live each day chasing for money for that’s what rolls the economy. That’s the only thing we got, people and brains. Envied by thy neighbors this country so rich and clean. And yet as an ant in the millions we each are, work till death do us apart. That’s what we are, like the floating island of dead ants. We work we can’t relax. We don’t join in the rat race and we will become obsolete. We have no farms we can’t be leading the simple life. We max out our life just to be a passage for the island’s cash flow.

This is my country (the island of ants), this is my flag
This is my future (they are all dead eventually working for their colony), this is my life (a bloody ant)
This is my family (all the dead ants), these are my friends (also… all the dead ants)
We are Singapore, Singaporeans


Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaa the ants looks so pretty
blueish tint !


footprint said...

the ants looks so disguesting sia ... but hor, look different from those we saw in sg wor.. :p