Friday, June 06, 2008

Flood so Many, Bangkok no Money?

Normally after a sudden heavy downpour, we get floods, floods, accidents, dead rats floating and more floods. The drainage system here in Bangkok ain’t that great. Couple that to the urban myth that Bangkok is sinking and the global warming induced high sea level, channeling the waters out of this crowded metropolitan could be a real challenge.

Floodgates are everywhere for control, but I guess the operators are usually drunk somewhere near their post. We see some water pumps on the roads to aid the channeling of the water, but I guess most of them don’t work when needed. Financial budgeting may not have touch down to this ground level for the much needed civic maintenance, hush-hush filtration effect of the higher echelons. One soi (street) as your only route in and out of your accommodation is common, so if it floods you are stuck. That’s the way of the Bangkok life, guess we need to have a rubber dinghy for standby when flood.

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