Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Keep Water

No, they are not giant urns where the centuries of family ashes are poured in and accumulated. Neither are they strange looking garbage bins. Of course it is impossible to balance yourself squatting on one of these so, they are not the open air nature toilets.

Kind of reminds me of the show Dark Water, could be a dead Jap girl in each of them. These huge concrete jugs are use to collect rainwater for the everyday use, from cleaning, bathing to washing the dishes. I am not sure if they cook and drink the rainwater but I hope they do not. Of course they don’t belong in the metropolitan though you do get to see them once a while among the older households within the city area, reminiscence of the past once was. However, they can be found in abundance among the rurals, where we thought of the past still lives.

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