Monday, May 26, 2008

A Short Catch Up

We had our drinks my old pals and me. Miss them I did, very much. And as we walked through the shadows in the valley of tipsiness, my black friend mentioned he had just been to Japan and soaked in the natural springs with the untamed monkeys of the surrounding. Wow. When will time allow, for the group of us to go crazy together again, a holiday to be enjoyed in the true company of friends?

If we did be rich and the strictness of time permits, it won’t be just black man in the spring alone. It could be him, Manoj, eyes wide open, mouth opened head titled back catching for breath in the rocky spring with the red ass money sucking his cock under water. And Yoga Brian, with his camera running around naked, taking shots of Manjo in ecstasy, practicing at the same time some obscure lost art of lum par yoga. Three moneys dangling from between his legs as he moves around and snaps away on his SLR. One money sucking his cock, the others independently sucking his left and right ball. Yes and they are all dangling heavily and Brian can take it no problem. Com’on, he can dangle 42” LCD TV from his balls, what are three monkeys to him. Wait… actually there is a fourth money, fucking Brian’s ass from behind, also dangling.

And Evan, well, laughing aloud at Manjo, but with an expensive colorful Japanese carp suckling frantically at his cock underwater. And me, typing away this blog in the mist of the cold Japanese weather oh yeah.

Gotta plan for a holiday with friends. But again, when will time and money permits.

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