Saturday, May 10, 2008

MH2001 Wireless Headphones

Thinking that good things come cheap.. no. This is what cost SGD$12, made in China. It will never work in Bangkok. Too many radio waves. Instead of tuning to the TV it was connected to, the headphones tuned itself to all other radio channels with a mind of her own.

I opened it, attempting to attach an external antenna to the circuitry. Obviously as seen in the bin, it was a frustrating 2 hours that resulted in this picture.

Made in China products, can you trust them? I worry now that most power plants and installations are now flooded with aggressive cheap protection products from China. They cost so much less then the European’s. Price cheap, quality zero. But the Thais are buying into them anyway. Too easily fooled by what’s on the cover of the book. Same me as in the MH2001 case.


Anonymous said...

u ruin it and blame china? what a pice of noob

Jewie said...

You go get yourself one, then try and let me know.

Paul Williams said...

I bought the same headsets off aliexpress for my parents . They had trouble making them work. Basically the problem was Impedance matching using the 3.5mm jack input . If I turned the volume up really high on the TV I could JUST hear the noise in the headset. Solution was a 3.5mm jack converting to the Red and White RCA plugs, there by using the RCA plug instead of the 3.5mm jack input. Saying that they do drop out regularly and you need to re- adjust the frequency. But it is 12$ a set .... Hope this helps anyone googling the same problem