Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Election Day

Yesterday was holiday and not because of Christmas Eve. No jingle bells here. Only jingle my own balls. It was an off day for government companies succeeding election Sunday.

Well, it was much like in Singapore, held at schools or any other public facilities. They have this strange rule that no alcohol was to be sold and no pubs to be opened during the days before election.

Political people waving flags at roads junction wooing for support. It did be better if this was accompanied by the sporadic Chinese dancing lions jumping over the giant waving flags into oncoming buses.

As soon as past 3 pm, the party signs magically disappears. The people stripped them from the roads, brought them into the houses to be used as recycled materials. For that hole in the wall, to be the shade of the road side food stall or to be sold for the wood. Trends of the scavengers, wise of the normal street life here.

No... she’s not promoting some Yan can Cook shows..

Basically it was an election of mainly the Takshin supporting party against the non-Takshin supporting parties. The result being Takshin’s party having near 50% of overall votes. Looks like he will be back. Here is the strange trend I found interviewing people casually. Bangkok people tend to anti vote Takshin. Reason being they see Takshin as the country seller, selling many important nation owned entities to the foreign hand. They joke that if Takshin is back, you will see Singapore currency notes replacing the Thai Baht.

I traveled and I spoke to the upcountry guys. They seem to favor Takshin. Each village was given funds during his time for progress. Sounds like how we Singaporeans get the “Progress Fund” or something in our CPF aye? Each district was sponsored a scholarship during his time for one lucky student. There are about 400 districts. There are about 400 students overseas now. When he was overthrown, the funding stopped. There are about 400 poor villagers who have to sell their house, land, cows, car and buffalos just to make sure their sons or daughters could continue their education. Anger driven, the mouth works overtime and soon, they all wish he is back. Some told me though they know that he and his family were benefiting the most during his regime, they don’t really care because welfare clearly reached them. The Bangkok people however, see this as “buying them out”.

Then in retrospect I thought… hey.. progress funds and etc in our CPF… wow.. our government simply bought all of us. Yes, all 4.6 million of us. Amazing.

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