Sunday, April 15, 2007

Songkran 2007

This is my 3rd Songkran here. For Bangkok, Songkran festival is declared from the 13th to 16th April. As usual, there will be loud E-San (north east) music on all the little streets. Everyone will be drunk and dancing, even in the middle of the road stopping traffic. This year, I learned something new. Normally during this festival, Thai people will pay their respects to the elders. The elders will reach their hands out, forming a bowl like structure with both palms faced up. The young will pour water over them, and good wishes shall be exchanged. Of course, you can opt to hose the grandmother over with the fire hydrant until her bra snap and tehteh (breast) goes behind but that won’t be very respectful.

There will be many more Songkrans to come. There will be many more for me to be immersed in. I am in my room typing this away. As the music played on out there, as I listen to the high pitched strumming of E-San, I am living the festival, I am living my holiday, I am living my dream.

Street outside my apartment.

Even the security guards was not forgiven. He was out on the main road looking for taxis to be called into the apartment. No one dared come to the main street for taxi.

Mobile water spraying unit.

Cones put out to prevent people from killing themselves under influence of alcohol. Party animals standby beside the streets, lurching out without warning on cars and motorcyclist.

Mobile water spraying unit.

Biking teenage gangs, girls were wet - see through shirts, that was the part I love most about Songkran.

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