Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I Just Fired my Technician

A Thai once told me "Do you know why Thailand is the land of smiles? Because when you speak English to us, we don’t understand you, so we just smile back."

How true. Last week, I fired my technician because he keeps vanishing during important work days. I send an SMS to him during his absence. "Don’t need to come to work anymore, I’m sorry."

He replied "You are welcome." .. ?????? WTF.

It’s hard to find a perfect to anything I guess. No one is 100% perfect and we just have to live with their inconvenient flaws. There is still not one good technician/engineer I can find in Thailand. Hate to say this, but most of them are simply lazy and irresponsible. The one I fired was eerily afraid of girlfriend. We work spans of late nights and continuous hours on site without going home. But this guy had his girlfriend come to the site and waited out for him, not just on one occasion. Then they would end up in a big quarrel and he had to leave, tools and in-completed work, everything left for the rest in a disorderly manner. Why so afraid? Why no backbone? My Thai workers told me that it could be because his entire family relied on this girl who drove a new Camry for financial support. How sad to be a man like this. Not just his life, but his family’s life in the hands of a women. But they also told me that’s the way it is here in Thailand. Eat a bowl of soft rice, popular scenario for men of Thailand.

Guess finding the perfect engineer is like finding the perfect girlfriend. A perfect girlfriend should have perfect breast. When she sits for dinner, her boobs must be able to rest on the table. If she cannot attain that feat, she got no breast. If her boobs do land on the table, but extends to midway of the table, they are not breast. Her nipples must be pink and perfect. Not too big, not too small. Small nipples are considered mosquito bites. Any nipple bigger then you can stuff into your nostrils will be considered ugly. .. WTF.. WTF am I talking about.

Ok.. I am stress.

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