Monday, April 02, 2007

April in Thailand

Mention Thailand to any girl in Singapore and the first thing that comes to mind is cheap branded bras, cheap panties. So cheap you can wear them, then make them table cloth the very next day. Whether you wash them before you do so depends on your level of hygiene and pervertness.

Its April in Thailand. There is a great festival now and I am not talking about Songkran (water festival). Its – cheap bras and panties on sale festival. During the first week of April every year, a certain part of Bangkok will have nightly bazaar. Seems only the locals know it so the foreigners don’t get the good deals. The roads will be cordoned, no access to cars and people comes like invading red army ants. Here you can find extremely cheap garments, things from factories overruns, huge discounts on branded outfits, etc. Gig and the horde of SYT (sweet young things) were yakking about it. I’ve never been there before, I hated crowds. Gig will go and buy undergarments by the kilos. What’s with girls? They have so many bras and panties and it never seems enough. We guys wear our underwear till they have some ventilation holes for our balls before we considered them expired. During work, we guys can wear one single underwear for few days at a go till flies or some unknown insects gather round your crotch if you stand still. If underwear does not look like its decaying, we wear them. We are loyal to our underwear but girls discard them like they are tissue paper.

I, NRIC blab laaa bla, pledge my diligence to my underwear, from the day I buy it, shall love and care for it, wear it, wash it, swap sides and wear it, till it perforate with holes, and still wear it, until it can no longer hold my balls, before I throw it away.

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