Saturday, August 05, 2006

Office Security also Good

Thai Bunny

While the site I went for projects has a giant pussy cat as a guard dog (see previous post), my office has this fearsome little fur ball. I stepped into the office one day and discovered that one of our staffs has brought her bunny here. Because her kid at home thinks the wabbit is a football and kick it all the time.

Wabbit is named Wipo or something… dunno… must be some Thai thing. It roams in the office freely most of the time. With my training, soon, it will jump to heights on voracious instinct, severely chewing off the testicles of uninvited intruders. For ladies… it shall gnaw off your little nipples oh yeah. Nipples… oh yeah…. Nipples Thailand so many, me so horny… Give em money… touch their body….. WTF??!!! (Stress syndrome.. getting unrelated subject into this rabbit related blog entry.)

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Antz said...

Come See My Bunny..... This is the real deal!