Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bunny Weekend

My Rabbit

And I got a wabbit. As to why? Because of the stupid wabbit in the office. Too darn cute. So last week, I bought one baby rabbit.

Friends form Singapore came for weekend shopping. So I squeezed time to catch up. Darn… everyone’s getting old. Everyone is married or going to get married. And everyone that is married is pumping their wives full of sperm. It’s spawning season. So many of my friends are having babies. Darn…. This is an official sign. We are OLD!

Rabbits.. I started to compare taking care of one to my friends taking care of their bundle of joy. First of all, bundle of joy can turn to bundle of shit. Now I have to sweep rabbit shit every now and then. I guess it is the same for my fatherly friends. And I have to play with rabbit, else it gets bored. So same as baby right? Can’t put baby in fridge and leave it alone in there. Then.. baby diet. My stupid rabbit chooses her food. Don’t want to eat those rabbit pellets. Panic for fear that it will eventually starve to death, gig went around the neighborhood and plucked some grass. Finally rabbit eats. Just wondering.. what if a human baby don’t eat? Can you go around your neighborhood looking for your neighbor’s pregnant wife and say “Need milk, can borrow those breasts”?

My rabbit is weird. She does not like rabbit food. She prefers BBQ chicken. The smell if it drove my rabbit crazy and it chased me around in the room. “You’re a rabbit… not a dog!!” I have to shout to her. “And your friend died just after 3 days because it anyhow eat (my previous rabbit beginning of year, died of diarrhea)!!! Do u understand??”. Of course rabbit don’t and continued chasing my chicken. Potatoes chips, magi-mee, hot dogs. All drove her wild. But I know better not to feed her. And when I ate my chicken on my bed, she will be standing, all ears up staring.

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footprint said...

hahaha... ur rabbit behave like dog sia! hahahhaa...

cute... cant anyhow feed ahhh.. best is rabbit pellets n long beans la.. heee.. :p