Friday, December 09, 2005

Pacific Rim of Fire

Well… that’s how my ass hole feels like right now. Sway lah. Wednesday night and I visited the toilet every hour in the night. Thursday morning 5am and I had already dragged my damaged body to the airport for my trip to Singapore. 7am and I am in the plane and for no apparent reason I started to feel cold and shivered for the entire journey. 1045 Singapore time I was dizzy and had a darn high fever. Strangely, airport security missed screening me for fever. Ah Boon came to pick me up, saw my sorry state and so sent me all the way home.

Once home, my anus had karaoke, singing bubbly in the toilet very very frequently. I laid on the bed, on the sofa for the whole fugging day and felt so weak. Slept at 9pm. Now its 8am. I have a headache. Slept too much I believe.

I think this is the way my body is telling me that it is rejecting Singapore.

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