Monday, November 21, 2005

Nipple Standing Season

Huhuhuhuh….. yeah yeah winter is here (officially reported 15 Nov) However, in the afternoon… the weather is still blazing hot. It is only from the late afternoon till mid morning that’s cool….

Its been quite a while since I blogged again. Lets see…

Loi Kathong festival just over. Did what other Thais did. Went to hunt for a place to release my floating lantern with gig. Bloody packed every place that’s near the river. Buay tahan. Too darn crowded. So went to hunt for a place less crowded at some weird pier. Released my floating lantern only to see it rammed by a stupid passing boat nearby. Assholes.

Drove lone ranger style (my engineer can’t drive) all the way to Kon Kean and back for a servicing job. Its 1000km drive up north east and back. Had my meals on the hills, the petrol kiosk and such local places. Oh yeahhh the weather so cool, drive with my windows down, the cool breeze messing my hair. I am in paradise.

Weekend just past was spent traveling on the Chao Paya river on the public boat transport. Just like public buses. You hop onto the boat from the pier (yes… jump onto boat over gap of treacherous water), tell them your destination, pay a mere THB11 (40 cents SGD) and enjoy the bumpy ride. The river is very high this time of the year. You see houses along the river partially submerged in the water, the temples and some pier too. There has been lots of flooding lately. Reached my destination called The Wet (pronounce tee-wet). Oh my Buddha…. Soooo many many many big fishies… Didn’t have my camera… shit. Me and gig bought a pack of bread and fed them. There were so many…. They created quite a stir when frantically gobbling the bread that water splashed all over onto the pier. (And the Thais say this is normal…..)

Now back to work… busy like fug.

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