Wednesday, December 14, 2005

ChowCheeBye xPerience

Sunday night… was my last night in Singapore. I had a good time catching up with two favorite aunties of mine in Marina. And I had darn solid western food. Can’t find no good burgers and steak in Thailand.

2230 in Marina on a weekend is hell. I just remembered that it was hard to get taxi on weekend nights there. Taxi queue was darn long all over Marina, so fooking long and so slow moving. Fuck u all CHEEBYE people waiting for taxi. So 2 aunties and me walked on the pavement next to big road and waited for taxi. Fuck u all CHEEBYE taxi don’t want to stop at pavements. Then… some taxi did stop but they choose passengers. Fuck u all CHEEBYE taxi that for some reason all going back to Tampines to change shift. Aunty Jac stays in Sengkang, so near Tampines but the Taxi dun wan to go. Then eventually one Tampines change shift taxi did. But he stared at Jac like a X-Ray scanner from top to bottom and paused his eyes on Jac’s mini skirt. WTF!!!!???? Then he say ok… come to papa. Jac stared at me in bewilderment. I look back at her with a silent “good-luck with uncle horny”. Piangs.. Fuck u CHEEBYE taxi who pick up mini skirt girls (and aunties) only. I waited until 11PM ok!!

Still no cheebye taxi so I walked to the bus stop outside convention center. Why my bus never come, wait so long for 502. Fuck u CHEEBYE 502. I was perspiring like mad. Fuck u CHEEBYE weather in Singapore. 1130PM. I want to kill something already.. bus still not come. Then saw the bus timetable and FUCK U CHEEBYE SBS BIG BIG! Where got last bus at 2223 from Marina one???? So early LAST SERVICE for FUCK!! KEE KA LUM PAR TUA SUAY LIAP DUNNO WHAT TO DO.

And so I called Taxi booking. Fuck u CHOWCHEEBYE taxi booking fee. $4 just for booking??? With $4, I already can reach my office about 15 – 17 km from my Bangkok home ok????!. And the IVR put me on hold for 2 minutes no response. FUCK u NTUC Comfort IVR system.

Dragged my angry big small balls under City Link all the way to the bus stop near City Hall. Took 7 back home. Fuck u CHOWCHEEBYE Bus Fare so much more expensive then that of Bangkok. It was the last bus just after midnight. FUCK CHOWCHEEBYE EVERYTHING. I took 2 hours to reach home from the time dinner ended OK!!!? And i had not even packed my luggage for the early flight next day yet. CHEEBYE!

Now I am happy. I am home… my home is not Singapore. My heart, my soul, my home is in Bangkok. Cool December, chaotic traffic she has. All my projects driving me nuts and draining me dry end of year season. But.. I feel home.

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