Saturday, July 05, 2014

The Dog that Swam Back to Koh Lipe

The dog that Swam Back
Everywhere we went strolling, there was always a dog nearby. And there was a big bunch out the newly opened Seven Eleven enjoying the cool breeze as them doors opened and closed. Dogs on Koh Lipe seemed the luckiest mammal. Most had no owners and venture freely anywhere and everywhere on this speck of paradise. People loved them, people enjoyed watching them. These seaworthy dogs played along the shores and sometimes headed out into the sea to beat the heat. They were all friendlies, though we were told by the hotel staff to be weary of some in the more obscure parts of the island where the dogs were not used to much human contacts. In Idyllic resort housed a resident dog. It was there every day. Weather intentionally or not, I wished it there to stay. The dog had a legend. A loner not accepted by the other packs that roamed the island, it often got into fights. Thus it was once transported and let loose on Koh Adang for its own safety. Smart dog appeared in Idyllic the next day, it swam across the ocean back to where it wanted to be. Idyllic let it be from then on, and hopefully for a long long time to come.

After a Swim

Play the Water
Basking and Smiling
Sunrise Beach
North of Sunrise Beach
In front of Idyllic
Long Tail Boat
Artificial Sunset


Anonymous said...

were the prices of goods in 7-11 in koh lipe cheaper than msia too? or are they priced up more than the ones in bangkok?

Jewie said...

It was generally more expensive, of abouts between the range of 1 to 5 Baht. Nothing too excessive unless you are buying toothpaste or shampoo by the thousands.