Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mae Rim in the Off Peak

Look, No People
Previously in the winter peak of 2013, I had witnessed Mon Cham turned Mon Jam. And, in my travels, I had always only coincided my plans to match with the seasons, such as visiting northern highlands during the winter and the southern islands during the summer. These plans to get the best out of my money's worth. On me recent business trip up north, we decide to detour up the hilly terrain of Mae Rim during our spare time. It offered me a chance to witness how these normally packed attractions were like in off peak.

Rain Clouds Came
Climate wise, the highlands of Mae Rim was surprisingly cooling and acceptable. Humidity levels was high compared to winter yes. Strawberries for the picking were not in season and sights of makeshift stalls left in disarray waited for the coming November. Gone were the hordes of stampeding visitors, like creatures in all colors of the desert gathered on the last watering hole. It was serene, it was peaceful. We had our afternoon tea by the edge of the mountain, the sun shined as white clouds drifted low above our straw capped shack. Only our chats, and the annoying toddler next to ours streaking his cry across the otherwise tranquil canvas of nature.

And so it Rained
The rain clouds crept up the slopes onto the peaks. Mon Cham was shrouded in fog, the temperatures dropped to a cool 20 Celsius or so. Then it drizzled as we chitchatted in the gentle melody of splashing afternoon raindrops. My colleague told, sometimes the best the northern highlands can offer is not necessary in the coldest month of December. Come north, after the rain, before the cold. It won't be chilly, but hot it will not be. There's a window there for a pleasantly cool expedition without the swarms.


Bestof2Worlds said...

Hi Jewie. I get an earful from wife for traveling off peak. I do this to avoid crowds. But in places like Chiang Mai, the flowers are not in bloom and events/exhibitions are aligned with tourist arrivals in the cooler periods. This year I bought tickets for peak season but with us moving back to Penang for son's schooling, the tickets look like getting burnt.

Jewie said...

Year end is school holidays I thought? System in Malaysia same as Singapore's right?. . . mid year holiday. . . year end holiday.. ?

Bestof2Worlds said...

We moved Heng to an international-type school this September. Holiday period about the same except for start and end dates - this is the source of burnt tickets. I usually buy tickets at least 4 months in advance but lesson learnt and pocket burnt.