Monday, March 04, 2013

Vets for Rabbits in Bangkok

Warpped and Ready for Checkup
 Say you have an exotic pet, how if need see doctor? Trust me, you got to know what vets are for what, not just bring it to a general vet. Previously, I had blogged about Thong Lor Pet Hospital, they have many branches in Bangkok. That's good for your general pets such as cats and dogs, and that was the only good vet I knew which I brought my rabbit to. Now there's Vet 4, for rabbits, tortoise, squirrels, parrots, snakes, Sid from Ice Age and a porcupine. I've seen them all at this place. I wished I had known of this place earlier, if only I can read Thai on magazines and websites. The doctor called Oil cured my rabbit's teary eye problem in a week with the right medication. He was dismayed at the other vet who assumed a tooth was causing the issue and had removed it, leaving my rabbit with a missing lower front tooth since a year back. Please, if you love your pets, bring them to the correct vet. Ask the Thais, ask your secretary to research the Thai webs, ask and ask around. You will find the right one eventually. Read Thai pets magazine if you can, there are load of information in there.

View of Vet 4 from Main Road


Shumin said...

Hi Jewie,

i travel to bangkok about 3-4 times a year and recently just gotten myself a pet bunny. would like to know where to shop for bunny supplies in bangkok. :)


Jewie said...

Hi Shumin.. your best bet will be Chatuchuk at the animals section. There is where I get my supplies such as bunny toilets (they have both the cheap ones and the really expensive ones from Japan or elsewhere), bunny clothes, comb, shampoo, snacks, food... and maybe that husband rabbit or wife rabbit for your bunny. They have all sorts of bunnies there too so it's an eye opener, from local breeds to foreign imports and I saw a giant mutant bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! i will be in bkk this weekend. if you have anything you desperately need, i could help bring over :) but please dont tell me char kuay teow or chilli crab. haha

Jewie said...

Bring me a pair of live male and female adult Sri Lanka crabs.. .. . I will make them breed and I finally will have my own chili crab dish.. .

Just kidding.. .

Unknown said...

The bunnies are gone from Chatuchuk but the hamster people can sort you out for a lot of the same supplies.