Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Blackmailing at its Finest

*Someone was involved in a hit and run lately. The someone was drunk. The someone sped back home, but the one taxi was following the someone. Taxi driver then came to confront the someone and demanded THB5000. Else, taxi driver will report the someone to police. Someone complied, Taxi driver happy. Gosh…. Thailand is just amazing.

(*Someone is someone… not me just to clear the air…)


Amanda said...

Brother....no more updates? -*-
ur readers is waiting..;p

Jewie said...

yeah.... been more then 2 months of hellish work ... no time for any post yet... gotta get my time organized before any new post... :(

xoxo said...

okey.. take good care!!

Thomas said...

drunk hit and run is hardly admirable. th taxi drive and "someone" desrve each other