Monday, February 16, 2009

Thai Girls So Friendly

Late in the night, I had just reached home. Before me, an attractive young Thai lady was going into the lift. Just me and her, two of us, going to the same floor of the condominium. She’s my neighbor. I can’t help but stared below her waist level and quickly returned my eyes to venture elsewhere. Then, she smiled back and we chatted. She then voluntarily unzipped, I stared at her pussy full view. I reached in and pat her pussy. She was so happy and chatted as my hands were all inside and played her pussy.

Her Persian cat is now 1 year old. (Just what are you thinking about?????!) It’s a big fat cute fur ball weighing in at 3 kgs. The eyes so gleaming with curiosity, the fur an art of brown streaks so smooth and long. Frequently she brings her pussy cat out in her kitty carrier which has a zipper door. Thai girls so friendly, she let me played her pussy in the lift.


PyschoCorgi said...

Ptui! Did you ever consider to become a creative scriptwriter? :P

Jewie said...

Scriptwriter me cannot be, maybe cock-talker-writer I can… he he.

Brunty said...

Your an evil man, Jewie :) I want to pat her pussy too.