Friday, February 06, 2009

Public Pools Bangkok

Here is an entry that exhibits the elusive public swimming pools in Bangkok. Finding one is a challenge for all signs here are in Thai. Looking out for one by sight is even tougher for Bangkok is like Sim City gone really wrong.

Firstly, it ain’t such a conducive environment that has the allure to pull me in. Does not have the country club feel. Notice the shades all dirty blue and wrecked by years of weathering. Why have shades?? Ain’t swimming a sport to get tanned?

It’s a sports club this place is. A badminton hall and pool rolled into one. Located deep within a soi, it has no parking lots. Normally quiet with only the occasional kids splashing about. The parents don’t dip, they chatted along the narrow sides. If you think coming to one just to drool at bikini clad girls sprawled and tanning, it just ain’t gonna happen. This is Bangkok, Thais can’t swim. Throw one in the deep end and they will drown. I don’t see no lifeguards around either.


The Malaysian Explorer said...

Great blog and nice photos Jewie. Keep it up.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog, with exception on certain blanket statements. Do note that Thais in Bangkok do swim and I noticed many around with excellent swimming capabilities while in the pool.

Jewie said...

Thanks for dropping by Anonymous. I agree with you that I used blanket statements on occasions. It is a Thai who told me Thais can’t swim :) . However when I visited the southern islands, I noticed Thais can swim better then seals and can hold their breaths longer then any farangs I know.

KV said...

Would have appreaciated if you had actually provide addresses for those places. I really need a place to swim, something I used to do back in Europe 3 times a week. :(

Hope you could help me!

Jewie said...

Hi KV… well… I don’t really know the addresses of all theses elusive swimming pools. However I have one to recommend but I am not sure if it is near to where you stay.

All Start Golf Complex
518/5 Soi Sahakarnpramul Prachautit Rd, Wang Thonglang , Wang Thonglang, Bangkok, 10310

It’s a driving range. They have a good clean pool there and I swam in it before. They even conduct diving lessons there. You can pay by per entrance but if you are a golfer, it would be better to join them membership so the pool, gym etc will be free to use.

Another way in which you can locate the pools in Bangkok… is via Google Earth. Look for rectangular patches of light blue. That’s where the pools are :)