Thursday, January 08, 2009

Guide - How many Thai Girlfriends can you have?

A Thai man told me, 3 is the magic number. Normally, 1 is enough for men. But for Thai men, 1 is a number too small, so must have more. If have 2, you will get headaches because eventually both will discover each other through some careless acts for sure and they will cat fight everyday. You get 2 headaches with 2 Thai girlfriends.

So add 1 more to make 3 they said. With 3, 2 original ones will gang up and fight number 3 (this actually really happened). So in your pie of Thai girlfriends, 2 will be happy and 1 will not be. 2 happiness overrides 1 headache. With 4, they will pair up into groups of 2. 2 will fight 2, which mean you have 2 groups of happiness canceled out by 2 headaches. 0 happy.

What about 5? If four gang up to override one headache, it is fine, but this will be unlikely to happen. You may get 2 in a group and 3 in the other, so again 2 happiness group and 2 headaches equals 0 happy. Or they will split into 5 individuals which equals 5 headaches, or 3 groups of 2, 2 and 1 equal 3 headaches which happiness of 2 by the 2 groups cannot override. Try 7 or 10 and working the formula itself will give you a migraine.

Thai men (gig scientist) had methodically researched the myriad of possibilities factoring in complex scientific quantum mechanical formulas combined with Newton's Third Law to come out with the magical number 3. Trust them.

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fon tok said...

That's funny. I guess I need to find one more Thai GF. BTW, Happy New Year!