Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Consolidation of Thoughts

These recent trips consolidated amounts to the longest period I had been out of Thailand. To Singapore, to KL, to JB and to and to re-live the small world where once I lived, oh my tiny life in Singapore.

Changi airport. Everything fingerprint scanner now. The aunty in front of me caused the queue built up in the auto-check lane so funny. Her print was not read, the machine instructed her to remove her thumb. She raised her thumb above her head. And she tried again. And again. And again. And she as she went she spoke out loud “Aye… why cannot leh… ??”. She repeatedly raised her thumb up above her head, down to the scanner, and up above again. Harlo!!! Remove thumb only lah!! No need to so big action lah! Stupid! Technology had moved too fast for the population, the older generation could not catch up.

The next time you do the scanner thingy, watch the glass plate. See the smeared merger of finger prints left behind. Then think of the myriad of bacteria left behind by so many individuals. Then think of the many contact diseases. Think of the prior actions of the individual up front. Think, get eeks. When will we all wake up? This ain’t such a good idea after all.

And me and my Thai engineer was at my lone grandma’s house to drop a luggage. As we left he commented, “Why is my grandma at home everyday, what does she do, she lives like a rat in her cage called home”. And he was right. Everyday that I was there, as I left for work I saw too, the opposite neighbors, the old woman and her old man, just sitting, staring and waiting. We are Singapore, we are Singapore we have no nature in store. When we are old we just wait to depart. That’s life. In Thailand your old folks could wonder and fall on patchy grass. In Singapore your old folks tumble down the HDB and break into pieces. We are the children of the concrete jungles.

We arrived in the Malaysia hotel. Someone had to tell one of my Thai engineers the green arrow sticker up on the ceiling points to the direction of prayer for Muslims, not the direction of the wireless LAN.

And food in Singapore, as usual excruciatingly expensive at the diners. Dining with the slightest bit of style burns THB$2,000 for two, while I can do that for just about THB$500 here in my paradise. My life in the reasonable land, the Singapore life there I can no longer afford.

The number of foreign work force had increased. The Chinamen had taken the common jobs. I see no future for the uneducated population, your rice bowl taken by the immigrants. Younglings, study get rich be quick, or be left in the voids of the society haven. The invasion starts first with night clubs, the trap for gullible Singaporeans. And now they moved to the hawkers. They control the basic low down pillars, the needs of our small word living. And soon we will find them an integral part, an irremovable part of our nation. Sit back relax and watch the culture change, a turn for the worse I reckon.

At the taxi stand there I waited. No smoking in any queue or risk the fine. I saw the opposing teens, they spoke and smoke bellows from their breath. I saw the people down the queue. Smoke bellows, them smoking. Daring bunch I say, you are the future of this country. Daring to exhibit your free will, in the country of countless restrictions. I call them “Daring to be me”. Not me as in me the blogger, but daring to be oneself, to exercises the freedom of actions, to be what one wants to be, to do what one wants to do. To be an individual and not the common. Hey wait a moment, think back and I wonder. Were they all Singaporeans or some were the immigrants? I not sure and I don’t give a damn. For I am here soaring in my dreams, the live I left, I forsaken.

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