Sunday, August 10, 2008

Air Asia Very Smelly

It had been sometime since I took the budget airlines. And now there are baggage charges and a ridiculous option for express boarding (no need queue), all of which had to be paid for. I can live with those.

Now, I sat in the small plane two hours and it smelt like there were urinals that had not been washed for three days installed in the cabin. Does budget airline means no frills till the point where sewage processing is thus not a necessity when the plane makes its stop? Oh jolly smelly shit.

And what’s new is also the cheapo looking menu “Snack Attack”. Oh so much joy looking at the menu, the only reading material available other then reading the fine prints on the puke bags.

Budget. The paint on the airplane was peeling. I saw them clear when boarding. I was half expecting the metal skin to peel away from the wings while in flight. Of course.. that did not happen for I won’t be here to blog.

Landed in Changi Airport and all passengers were so specially welcomed by the unexpected cordoning of our arrival gate. All the police guiding us like criminals for this extra security check, such a warm surprising welcome for all us folks, tourist and businessmen on Singapore’s National Day. To tell the world that Singapore likes to harass our visitors on arrival, they put us on the glorious pedestal to be scanned by the strange unfriendly beeping device, looking under our shirts to see the metal belt bucket. And they x-rayed and they opened the Indiaman’s bag, to remove the computer power cord out. I wonder, the Indian wonder if the police wonder it to be a cobra for the snake dance performance, the Indiaman’s show. I have but two Hokkien words for this encounter for all on arrival – gey gan (extra fuck).

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