Friday, October 05, 2007

Meetings in Thailand, Red is No-No

In my recent and continuing hectic work life of going everywhere north-east and south of Thailand, I learned and seen a few interesting things. Some stories were told to me during the frequent night dinner and drink sessions with the Thais of various regions.

A sales guy was asked to leave the room by the high positioned government officer. Reason, the guy who was representing the product he was trying to pitch to the officer was wearing orange. I learned, you should never wear bright colors to meetings involving Thai government officials. Any bright colors such as red, luminous orange, lime green pink and whatever that “eat the eye” are deemed impolite. However no one will complain if you wear glow in the dark lime green underwear within. Yellow, used to be a no-no is now accepted. It is the color of the King. But wear only on Mondays.

The north east of Thailand used to host several bases for the US during the Vietnam war. Since many decided to stay on and have offspring with the natives and it is well known that Thai girls will throw away their local boyfriends anytime for a farang, there is a whole bunch of mixed blood new generation there now. You want to find exotic fair wife… go there. The US bases are history now. One had been taken over by Singapore Air Force and I bet they are having lots of fun there with the locals.

The reason why there is lighting is because a giant is throwing thunder bolts at irritating angles playing with loud toys disturbing his sleep.

Sometimes, it is ingenious what some Thais can come up with. Other then the above, a local Thai had invented Chicken breast milk for children who are lactose intolerant. I know chicken got breast but I never tried to suck on one to see if milk can come out at KFC.

I am watching TV in Kon Kean now… they are reciting Muslim prayers and showing the Quran. I don’t know what channel is this. But next the Malay guy is speaking in Thai.

And check the above out…. Coffee Beam.

And the above…. Another big friggin gecko when eating dinner. About 30cm.

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