Friday, October 26, 2007

Free Hair Cut Thailand

Wanna get a free hair cut? I am in my office, in the morning. The temple just next door blabbering away via loudspeakers that you could here all the way to the next province.

“School term is open, our temple is providing free service.”
“Guys will look handsome, girls will look pretty…”
“Come to temple now, people of this village.”
“The hairdresser is free now, come now and quick.”
“Free hair cut, for both guys and girls.”
“Don’t worry, they will not cut your ears off…. “
“The school term is open.”
“Come come, free hair cut service, hairdresser will not be available after 2pm.”
“Free….. “
“Cut hair free…. “

And on and on and on and on and on and on. By the way, school term opens means excessive traffic jams. Seems all Thai kids are rich, either parents driving them or themselves driving their cute little Jazz, Vios, City, Yaris etc cars that looks like loaf of breads to school.

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