Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bunny Back to Nature


I know now it is a guy. I saw his bald pink balls finally. They only appear after 4 months. Having a rabbit as a pet is something I never thought of. I know I can’t have a dog coz my room is just too small. I know I can’t have a cat coz it may commit suicide bored in my small apartment. And so I have a small rabbit.

Every morning without fail when the sun is getting up, it would rattle the cage till I wake, eager to get out. I will open the door and he will hop over to his toilet and flood it with his Tsunami of urine and litter. I drift back to bed and slumber. Following his high jump onto my mattress after he is done with business, he thinks my bed is the Garden of Eden. Scurry all over, jumps and hops. And one day last week, he scurried across my naked face like a 32 legged spider. I woke in pain. My face like a flower cat, his nails the sharp weapons. I had to apply medical alcohol all over my both cheeks.

It was a long weekend just, a Buddha come down from sky day or whatever. Thais will try to be vegetarian for 10 days. Gig and me brought him to the wild. Back to nature my bunny. Shit all you want in nature.

Photos - Bunny Back to Nature

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