Monday, January 25, 2016

It’s time to dress like the Artic - Bangkok Cold 2016

As of now...
We all know that Thais like to overdress when the mercury dips. Well here is their chance again. Strange weather phenomenon, temperature in Bangkok plunged since late afternoon yesterday and by the night, I was having awesome Jim Jum by the road side being kept warm by the charcoal fire. And then this morning, the temperature was an impressive lovely 15 degrees. According to forecast, this will go on for 3 days.

In my decade long lifetime in Bangkok, it had never gotten so cold before in winter months. The past month was supposed to be cool, but it was not. Climate was much more predictable 10 years ago where the cool spell was more or less guaranteed in the month of December. Let it snow, let it snow, will it ever I wonder. And if it does, it’s time we find another planet to live in.

Dinner yesterday, Jim Jum

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