Sunday, August 04, 2013

Happy Weekdays at Guti

It was a Thursday, and the journey was easy, way easier then leaving on weekends when getting to Hua Hin could take five hours in the nasty traffic. We left at almost 7 am and reached the resort at 9. Incredible the record time, but again, this was only possible on a weekday. I was there at Aka Guti, within the vicinity of Blank Mountain where springing up are the countless holiday residential developments, a large country club and the recently completed water park. I skipped the water park, we were there for a company team building trip. And yes, it was absolutely good. There were heaps of alcohol, lots of trashing about and silly things that went on which I will not blog about. What I want to transcribe, is just the Guti experience, a romance with the greenery, the scenery and the retreat the resort could offer.

The Pool in Villa
Set in our villa between the 2 sleeping rooms, the infinity pool I floated. Staring up the grey skies, the fine droplets fell all around. The circular ripples broke shape sides of me. I could just make out the outlines of clouds if I stared l long enough in stillness. These months were the rainy season. The view out and beyond into the mountains bordering the Kingdom, the pastures surrounding stretching wide. There at the edge of the pool I rested my head, the morning freshness I breathed.
The villas fringing the resort offered the best views, the sunset is spectacular I heard. Spending time sprawled on the breach chairs in the late afternoon, within the privacy of a villa, the smell of a hot brewed coffee from the Nespresso machine, with the skies transiting through the colors of dusk. I wished I did that but this trip those hours, I was in my meetings. Next time I will. These villas that offered the best views have two sleeping rooms that slept four in total. Each with its own large bathroom and a stone bathtub in a setting of bamboo walls. I am not sure if just a couple on a holiday are allowed to take these up, for if not one will have to take on the one bedroom villas which are nested higher up the gentle hills. The view would be overlooking the roofs of others.

The Common Pool
The pool within the villas are already sizable, but if it laps you want to do for that morning exercise, then the enormous hotel pool you will have to head to. Of infinity concept, the inviting water blends with the landscape beyond. Someone brought a ball and when there's a ball, any team of hot blooded Thai men will instinctively start kicking it around till it turns into a game of soccer. Ok no field, so instead they instinctively started throwing it about the water and turned it into a game of water polo. We were there breaking the peace.
Beside laid the eatery, a sumptuous buffet breakfast was served. A network of footpaths links the resort, the avenues through foliage a pleasant walk. The occasional golf buggy ferrying laundry and housekeeping staffs we had to made way for. As we stopped our chatter wherever we were at Guti, only the resonance of insects and birds we heard. The night before we sat in a group by the pool within one of the villas and played cards into the wee hours. The coolness of the air through our tropical clothes, the cold beer the accompanying contentment. In between our breaks from ranting about bad cards, only the enveloping calmness and the darkest of night beyond our orange porch lights.

The Pool in Villa
Weekdays at the Guti, other than my company dominating the resort taking up five of the villas, there were only one or two others taken up by other guest. So if it is privacy one wants, then weekdays will be the answer. So it is for the rest of the resorts in Hua Hin, and back again on weekdays I will for the enchanting experience.

Villa Front

The Breakfast

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