Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where Everything that is English is Not

Online Shopping
Well done Tesco Lotus. Finally we can enjoy the convenience of the digital age. Online shopping from home with deliveries. Best of all, there is a tab on the web that is foreigner friendly, shopping in English. That's until you really shop.

As with the so many other established Thai web sites out there featuring " English" support, beyond that betraying home page, everything else is not. And you would expect maybe its new and a few months later they would improve and English will really be English. Don't expect too much. They just leave it as it is. We are a minority. There is no need to serve us well.

Beyond that English Homepage

Let's see. Electric bills are never in English, so it's a challenge locating that Reference 1 and Reference 2 number when you are doing your online payments. Asked for True Move bills in English, "sorry no have" they said. Bank's credit card rewards program are totally Thai and only Thai, so we have no idea what privileges we enjoy. Policies, oh that's a killer and a whole book can be written about it. Insurance policies from companies of American origins are only Thai and when English ones are requested - same same , "sorry no have". We have no idea how to make a claim if we die, but anyways that's suppose to be the way since we are dead. Cars, liemtabian.. . liam neeson. .. what's in that mysterious blue book? Home owner's policy, no idea, I have no idea what I bought. Ok one more... marriage forms are totally Thai, so we have no idea how many and who we are marrying.

I can live with that, this is just part and parcel of living in Thailand.

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