Friday, October 28, 2011

Whatcha goin to do with Boat after 2011 Bangkok Flood?

This is worrisome.. I went for a meeting yesterday and my customer looked totally stressed out and tired. His office is underwater and his engineer stranded at some industrial estate far far away. He had invested THB 20,000 to get a boat and fitted it with an outboard to get his engineer out and also for everyday use during this period.

Asked: "You buy boat, ever think about what you gonna do with it after the flood is gone?"

Replied: "It can be used next year again when the flood is expected to be worse. In 2010 during the post rain season, his office was flooded to ankle level. This year 2011, up to his neck. Next year and beyond, with global warming increasing, expect worse." .. . . .

And just to update, petrol stations are now running out of petrol as the main storage depot is now a playground for fishes. Ciggy supplies had been cut, mini-marts ran out of stocks... so for us smokers, maybe it's a darn good time to attempt quitting.. ... .

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