Friday, July 10, 2009

Local or Overseas Contract

How to be those lucky folks that work here and get paid fat to live like an Emperor with his so many concubines? We know MNCs are great paymasters but if you ever are lucky enough to land yourself a job in one, knowledgeable you must be that they have two types of contractual agreements. Local and Overseas. Local means you get treated like Thais, get paid lean like one but be assured your job last you a lifetime as long as you can bear or perform. Overseas means you get paid two to three times more, you get accommodation in posh districts and that chuffer in at least a reputable car to pick you up for the next two to three years ahead. But your contact will end on the date of expiry or prematurely and to live on in this land, you gotta change yourself to be under local (subjected to economic conditions), losing all the privileges that came along as an expat.

But again if you being one that had lived here long and try hard you did to stay and get into a MNC somehow you had, they treat you local so there is no need to pay through their nose to get you. Which ever way you end up, whatever reduced benefits you get, as long as you love living in this Kingdom, scarifies some you just have to make. I made.


ash said...

how about your tax? if you are on local terms, does it mean you pay for the tax and if you are on overseas terms, your company pays your tax.

if you are a foreigner on local terms, is the tax base same as Thai's or the tax base is higher?

Jewie said...

For my tax, I am charged as per local Thai. Not more, not less, that’s all I can provide dude as the tax things I knew are little. And I have to pay for them ass taxes through my own nose. I can say that it ain’t fair the tax I have to pay. They consider my pay “very high”. While in my home country, at such pay scales, I only paid significantly much lower. Its sucks the way Thai tax us expats.