Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Black Car

A man suited up in bright coveralls, carrying a dead lady. I asked the Thais why are there so many of these stickers around.

Well, this sticker means the truck/van/car is meant to pick up the dead body of accident victims. Means the guy is a volunteer, sort of like Civil Defense personnel in Singapore but on an unpaid or un-forced basis. When disaster strikes, you can see a whole bunch of these people. I saw on TV one of them swam in the dirty “klong” to retrieve a dead fetus.

Strange to me it seems that I see many of these stickers on taxis, cars, buses and everything else. Maybe they think it kinky to carry attractive scanty dressed dead women. So, this is the Black Car (orh-chia) of Thailand. From our Chinese superstitious point of view, you sit in a Taxi with this means you gonna be really unlucky, because the sticker is cursing you dead.

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rk said...


I saw this on discovery channel too!! Taboo-jobs!!!

got zabor volunteer too!!!