Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hotel Pok Pok

These are the normal Thai fug joints that I did mention before in previous blogs and now I have pictures to show. Been working on site for 2 weeks now and stayed several nights in such accommodations. We normally finish our work at ungodly 5am. Need some good sleep and a good bath.

Driving into pok pok hotels, the place will normally be of near total darkness. Then the attendant will eagerly appear like a ghost from thin air. With his torch, he will attentively guide your car over to an empty house, torch swinging excitedly. Slide your car into the porch, give the usher the THB$400 (SGD$16) and you have the room. In the next 10 minutes, he will arrive with overly size towels which are supposed to be your blanket for the night. I think the towels are not meant to keep your warm, but to wipe your eruptive cum when you are done with your bitch on bed. A lone bottle of mineral water will be provided as compliments. If you have arrived alone, he might ask if you want rabbit or chicken (in Thai of course). Rabbit means young fresh teenage girls while chicken means the more experienced older types. The toilet might have glass walls, depending on which room your take. A cheap attempt on a classy feel. It even has water running down the glass but that won’t be working as the water pump would have given up on live long ago. The shower head in the bathroom is normally moldy old. The pipe will tension and swing the shower head to suicide position. Water spraying directly onto the water heater on the wall so you might get electrocuted when shampooing and the rabbit will rob your wallet and leave.

Translucent glass walls.. I had trouble shitting. I could see my workmates in the room. They can see me sitting and shitting. They can smell me.


Scott said...

How come no pictures of "rabbit" or "chicken"?

I wanna see some!!! :P

Antz said...

Sure or Not... Looking at the sheets on the bed, seems like some rough romping just ended leh. :-)